Protocols for entry to BVI

Entry to the BVI has specific protocols that have been bullet pointed for you here.

Main Information

  • Register and submit travel and accommodation documents on the BVI Gateway
    website prior to arrival.
  • Download the required contact tracing app prior to arrival.
  • Insurance that covers Covid-19 is required.
  • Certified Negative RT-PCR test taken within 5 days prior to arrival from low risk
    countries, or 3 days prior to arrival from high risk countries, is required to enter
    the territory.
  • Health Screening and an RT-PCR test will be administered at the airport upon
    arrival. Test results will be delivered to you within 18 – 24 hours.
  • You will be given a tracking bracelet to correspond with the downloaded app.
  • Guests will be transported via government provided transportation to their
    approved accommodation at Guavaberry.
  • Four day quarantine at Guavaberry. Guests are allowed controlled movement
    within the property.
  • An RT-PCR test will be administered after four days of quarantine. Once these
    results are negative you are free to go anywhere in the BVI.

Additional Notes

  • Children 5 years and under will not be required to take the RT-PCR tests.
  • Should the traveller test positive at any time, a mandatory 14 day quarantine is required. (if you are already in quarantine, those days count towards the 14 days).
  • The cost of the app, bracelet, test at the airport and the test after the four days will be $175 per person.
  • There will be a charge of $125 if the bracelet is damaged.
  • There will be random check ins via the app. Guest will have a certain amount of time to respond to the check-in. Failure to respond will result in a visit from the government health team, and a possible fine.
  • Should you require a negative PCR test to return home, one can be administered for you. The cost for this test is $70.