Bouldering in Virgin Gorda

Bouldering in Virgin GordaBouldering in Virgin Gorda is challenging

On the Caribbean’s most acclaimed bouldering island and at the heart of Virgin Gorda’s National Park is Guavaberry Spring Bay. Guavaberry is a personal favorite for climbers because of the friendly staff, the affordable housing, the proximity to the beaches and incredible rock formations.

Guavaberry is well-developed as a climbing area because all of the boulders are easy to access and most have really safe landings. There are a wide variety of boulder problems found on and alongside Guavaberry’s property.

The boulders found along the beach at Spring Bay are open to the public while the other top star boulders which are found on the property are only accessible to guests Guavaberry.

Guavaberry is "essentially" an all inclusive resort but unlike any other resort on the island, Guavaberry provides crash pads and sells chalk. They offer this as a perfect solution for the visiting tourists that do not want to travel with their bulky climbing gear.

Guavaberry Spring Bay is hands down the best choice for climbers looking for a memorable experience on Virgin Gorda.

Jon Wasser

Co-Author, A Guide to Bouldering and Traveling in the Virgin Islands


Photo Credit: Rich Crowder, Co-Author, A Guide to Bouldering and Traveling in the Virgin Islands